No Tell Motel 

Review for “No Tell Motel”  (performed under it’s original title of “Love Shack")

By Francie Dennison 
Absolutely hilarious, Michael Wilmot's new play, No Tell Motel (aka Love Shack), opened June 10, 2010 at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre.

Wilmot's use of humour to peek into the secret realm of how human sexual fantasies do, or do not, fit into our more intimate relationships is brilliant. Though our Judeao/Christian/Muslim societies say such fantasies are wrong and inappropriate in marital relationships, the desires remain. The laughter roller coaster of Wilmot's priceless dialogue and breath-stopping one-liners is sure to make Wilmot Canada's next favourite playwright.

Starring Chris Bancroft, Rod Keith, John Turner and Martha Zimmerman in this world premiere, the delivery was just a touch over acted on opening night, but nerves due to the author being in the audience may have played a part. Even so, it was a highly enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining performance. I'm sure as the actors settle into their roles the hair of over acting will disappear.

This play will be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone from 15 years to 150 years of age. If you're looking for an evening of laughter, I highly recommend it! The play runs until June 26, 2010.


Port Stanley Festival Theatre, Directed by Simon Joynes
June 9 to 26, 2010
**** / 4 

London playwright, Michael Wilmot, has penned a very delightful, risqué and humorous romantic comedy script riddled with sexual zings, overtones and innuendos reminiscent of something you might have seen on Three’s Company or other similar sitcoms. Personally I love this type of banter, naughty romantic humour, and playfulness intertwined with a typical, but always refreshing, story that ties up all the loose ends in the final scene.

A motel sign backdrop outside the room door was just part of the attention to detail. Visions of inexpensive (cheap) motels that adorn the side of many roadways crossed my mind upon seeing the small motel room adorned with the finest detail right down to the room location map on the back of the door, a baseboard heater, air conditioning unit over the door and Gideon’s bible in the room.

A motel is a typical spot, likely off the beaten path, for a night of fun and frivolity for a couple looking to turn up the heat on their romance despite the not-so-posh surroundings in the room. The basics were all they required, namely a bed.

Flawless performances by Martha Zimmerman, Chris Bancroft, Rod Keith and John Turner, accompanied by an audience engaged in a seemingly continuous stream of laughter, made the entire production an inviting escape to what could be an otherwise ordinary day.

Love Shack is certainly worthy of the drive to Port Stanley to see this play for two hours of light-hearted fun and to obtain tickets at the same time for all the other fantastic shows presented during this summer at the theatre.

Dave Ferguson resides in Aylmer,  is a contributing member of the St. Thomas Creative Writer’s Workshop, a member of the London Writer’s Group, and  PWAC (Professional Writers Association of Canada)

No Tell Motel