Michael's New Play!

A Red Plaid Shirt 

 (A Comedy about retirement!)

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A comedy about retirement, crazy ideas, and how with a little help and understanding, even retired guys can find their way... eventually!

Two wives wonder why men do what they do, while their husbands wonder how to get away with doing whatever it is they did

The story of a disillusioned children's party clown who has been pushed to the edge by adults mocking his career choice. He now feesl that murder , or something similar (he's not really sure!) may be the only path back to self respect.  All this  despite the fact he faints at the sight of ketchup! However... his wife is better at the whole murder game than he could ever imagine, and that's not her only secret!  "The Last Laugh" contains no violence and has a happy, yet twisted ending!

Michael G Wilmot Canadian Playwright

An anniversary get-a-way at a remote cabin doesn`t work out as Sheila had hoped. Or... maybe it did. Past hurts and secrets bring her to a realization that surprises even her. Sheila`s last word changes everything!

When an internet  Crown Prince from an exotic foreign country offers ex ``almost pro bowler`` Earl a chance to make some easy money what could possibly go wrong? Earl's plan to turn the tables on him, that's what could go wrong!

Brandon and Sarah plan a  quick rendezvous at a local motel, but a motel manager with issues, guilt, frustration and an inconvenient husband somehow combine for a happy ending!